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Leo Horoscope I Leo Decans ~ Darkstar Astrology

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We can help! Get sponsored. If you really want him back , give your all in convincing him. So I am new to all of this. I know my moon is in Taurus, my sun in Leo decan 3 and my rising is Scorpio and my Mars is in Aquarius. My sun is square my moon.

Marina I am confused. I am decan 3 Leo but this is not me at all? Yes I am loyal and believe in loyalty.

I am squeamish and hate the sight of blood. I am not a leader and get quite anxious about stepping up into the limelight. I am quietly competitive but would never tread on anyones toes to win. I am not bitchy, am sensitive and prefer being alone. I love travelling and live overseas away from all my relatives. I sacrifice my career to enable my children to feel loved and supported.

12222 Leo Horoscope Preview

A bit perplexed really by it all. Hi Marina, Can you tell me something good about this sign when the ego is more under the control of the higher self and not the lower? I hate thinking of myself this way. Or how, being a loving and faithful person do I integrate this material. I have been like this in the past but mostly unconsciously. How can I use this powerful Mars energy consciously and for the good of all? I love and admire this decan, opposite my Mars. So brave and daring.

Leo love horoscope january 30 12222

They really own their sovereignty and I respect that immensely. The problem I think these days is we have been taught to be ashamed of these qualities.

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Star position for the year The Divine Right Of Kings The negative side of these Lions is cruelty and vengeance since the malefic Mars pushes an already fiery Leo decan 3 to the very limit. For the majority of the year Lilith will be in Aries so we will take it from there. From Jan 27 Lilith through the zone of travel, spirituality and philosophy will be a period when you are willing to travel down the most forbidden paths to seek enlightenment.

Mars joins Lilith from Jun 28 until Oct 20 where you are more likely to embark on a course of study to expand your wisdom but may find that you become quickly disillusioned by the confines of the academic program. Still, you will enjoy challenging the teachers! Sometimes this can mean a friend becomes a lover, or a lover becomes a friend. Reversals happen at retrogrades! But the major opportunity for its long stay in this house means you can attract new friends into your social circle. Networking and finding common interest groups will be fertile ground for these new connections.

Being a the entertaining Leo that you are, you are bound to attract an audience! Mars retrograde is especially pioneering in Aries which is just perfect for foreign travel while it is in your 9th house this year. You will be interested in voyages to places that are more off the beaten track than usual and where you will need to learn some of the language to get around. This is a fantastic learning experience and not one to be wasted slumped on the sofa. If your budget is limited then you might have to be content with reading about ancient cultures or mind expansion through learning….

Hopefully, you are enjoying the excitement and new blood flowing into your career house thanks to Uranus. But because this is also the house of your mother, you might have some awakening about this relationship too. Maybe you see her in a new light either positive or negative.

The new revelations will have a knock on effect to your life-calling also and will open doorways that you might have been too timid to poke open before. Well, this is a very unusual situation where you only have one important outer planet squaring your decan and even that is only for a couple of months.

So this area of your life will feel pretty much uneventful this year.

Check out transits to your rising sign or Moon if this is your Sun.