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  3. Uthrattathi I February 2018 I Kanippayyur Narayanan Namboodiripad (കാണിപ്പയ്യൂർ നക്ഷത്രഫലം)

Post a Comment. One is Saturday, March 15, Uthrattathi - 26 th Star. Uttarabhadrapada [Pisces ' to Pisces '] Uttarabhadrapada is the 26th nakshatra of the zodiac. Uttarabhadrapada nakshatra Andromedae.

The Star is adorned with serpent-like symbol. Anthropomorphically: the sole of the feet of Kalapurush. It is a ksatriya or warrior star, indicating the ability to protect and care for people. It looks like rice, its properties and attributes are like those of Adra, some attributes of Purvabhadrapada also are found. Purvabhadrapada shows signs of contrition and atonement while Uttarbhadrapada shows restrain. From this are to be calculated long distance journeys, renunciation of worldly possessions and mendicancy etc.

On the other hand knowledge, learning, good counsel, personality also come within the purview of this star. The nakshatra associated with prosperity, strength and martial qualities is the store house of widely diverging possibilities and features. Endowed with the aspects of 'vano prastha' and 'Varshodyamana Shakti'; Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra combines in itself the quintessence power of the zodiac.

While the former signifies relief from material bondage and advent into the realm of spirituality; the latter implies capacity to cause rainfall. It might be mentioned here that this nakshatra refers to the vana prastha stage of human life, which involves severance from all worldly and material ties. The aspects ruling this stage are secretiveness, reclusion, and respite from worldly duties. This hence relates to the all-encompassing capacity of the asterism and the cosmic sea of conscience and consciousness.

When this star is on the ascendant, one gets happiness from children, likes unusual or occult things, is timid, eloquent and greedy for wealth, has permanent enemies and is fickle in mind. When the Moon tenants this star, one is of clever speech, is happy and virtuous, enjoys life with children, overcomes enemies and likes to serve. Uttarabhadrapada Uttaraproshsthapada rules over sacrifices, charity, penance, wealthy persons, recluses, heretics, monarches, and valuable corn.

General characteristics of Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra According to Vedic astrology Uttarabhadrapada natives are influenced by this nakshtra in their life and temperament. These people are determined and have a stable nature. They are not very materialistic. They are honest and stick to their words. Natives of Uttarabhadrapada are soft hearted and humanitarian. They are always ready to help distressed people. They actively participate in religious works too. They spread the awareness of charity and serving poor and are able to inspire their close ones. According to Indian astrology these people are hard working, fearless and tolerant.

These qualities give them continuous success in life. They are equally efficient in business and service.

Their activeness and confidence is the foundation of their success. With their hard work and sincerity they achieve a happy and prosperous family.

Check what YEAR 12222 holds for you?

They are usually blessed with supportive life partner and beautiful children. Those born in the Uttarabhadra star suffer from fluctuation of funds, wise and surrounded by many people. They are affected by the imbalance of bile and always idle. They are prominent amongst their clan, wear jewels, always do constructive jobs, obtain wealth and corns and they are givers.

വര്‍ഷഫലം 12222

They are endowed with children, religious, winners of their enemies, happy, determined, sexy, learned, great sacrifices, respected in all circles, suffer from various diseases, brave, wise, idle, fickle, possess the signs of fish and til on their private parts and loved by their relatives, They are just and they earn by righteous means. Uttarabhadrapada is often characterized by postponement, and at the same time laziness, and physical and emotional indolence. If I just ignore him, perhaps he will go away,.

The Paint…….. This was the topic of a presentation by Dr. Krishnamoorthi in the TMA meeting of 31 st. The script is revised throughout life but the core story is decided upon by age 7. The person ignores some aspects of reality in acting out the Script belief. This is called "discounting".

Such discounting may not be observable but may have to be inferred. A discounting matrix as under is used to decide the exact area of discounting. Solvability of. The person may have access to information but is blanking it out intentionally or unintentionally.

The aim is to convince the person that he need not follow the Script strategy decided upon in infancy. Hopefully, the person will succeed in coming to terms with the changed circumstance. This is my understanding of what Dr. Krishnamoorthi said. As indicated in the earlier blog posting, he ended his presentation with a quote about changing things that can be changed and accepting others. I had some doubts about the theory of hierarchical discounting. It did not touch upon the influence of the genetic makeup in the formulation of the Script. Do beings have unfettered choice in the formulation of the script?

Granted that the script is developed through a trial and error method of selecting a response or behavior pattern that succeeds in furthering the person's interests still the genetic make up of the person plays a great part in it.

The ' trigunas ' which Gita talks about the sattva , rajas and tamas and the parent-adult-child of transactional analysis may not be much different. What the child would perceive as good, mediocre and ugly behavior; the parents behavior has to be good as they can do no wrong. Sarvah prakrtijair gunaih 3. Sadrsam cestate svasyah. Even the man of knowledge acts in accordance with his own nature. Beings follow their nature.

What can repression accomplish? Sattvam rajas tama iti.

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Yad ahamkaram aseitya. Nature will compel thee. Svabhavajena kaunteya. That which, through delusion, thou wishest not to do, that thou shalt do even against thy will, fettered by thy own acts born of thy nature. Lord Krishna does not use a Discount Matrix but the counseling he does is unmatched. The ultimate is when he leaves the onus of making the decision to Arjuna.

Uthrattathi I February 2018 I Kanippayyur Narayanan Namboodiripad (കാണിപ്പയ്യൂർ നക്ഷത്രഫലം)

That is what Varaha Mihiran says. The 'sat' ' asat ' and 'sat- asat ' deeds of the ancestors culminates in the unchangeble dr'da , changeble adr'da and intermediate dr'da - adr'da yogas which a native is ordained to undergo. The core aspects cannot be changed. The Script or a large part of it appears to be in place even while the child is in the womb.

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